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Journal of Business Research, 115



Regular Articles

Negative word of mouth for a failed innovation from higher/lower equity brands: Moderating roles of opinion leadership and consumer testimonials
M. Deniz Dalman, Subimal Chatterjee, Junhong Min [Google Scholar]

Customer service chatbots: Anthropomorphism and adoption
Ben Sheehan, Hyun Seung Jin, Udo Gottlieb [Google Scholar]

A supply-side approach to corporate political activity: Performance consequences of ideologically driven CPA
Michael Greiner, Jaegul Lee [Google Scholar]

Managing the product-harm crisis in the digital era: The role of consumer online brand community engagement
Denghua Yuan, Zhibin Lin, Raffaele Filieri, Ran Liu, Mengqin Zheng [Google Scholar]

How do knowledge characteristics affect firm’s knowledge sharing intention in interfirm cooperation? An empirical study
Chongchong Lyu, Jianjun Yang, Feng Zhang, Thompson S.H. Teo, Tian Mu [Google Scholar]

Do market share and demand uncertainty influence the relation between advertising expenditures and shareholder value?
Katerina E. Hill, Matthew D. Hill, G.W. Kelly [Google Scholar]

Intuitive pricing by independent store managers: Challenging beliefs and practices
Sabine Benoit, Mario Kienzler, Christian Kowalkowski [Google Scholar]

Paid for looks when others are looking: CEO facial traits, compensation, and corporate visibility
Thomas G. Canace, Anna M. Cianci, Xiaotao (Kelvin) Liu, George T. Tsakumis [Google Scholar]

Inspire me to purchase: Consumers’ personal control and preference for underdog brand positioning
Yangyi (Eric) Tang, Alex S.L. Tsang [Google Scholar]

Pro-environmental behavior in families: A reverse socialization perspective
Pallavi Singh, Sunil Sahadev, Caroline J. Oates, Panayiota Alevizou [Google Scholar]

Market-based drivers of cobranding success
Hang T. Nguyen, William T. Ross, Joseph Pancras, Hieu V. Phan [Google Scholar]

Does institutional industry context matter to performance? An extension of the institution-based view
B. Elango, Karthik Dhandapani [Google Scholar]

Political conservatism and preference for (a)symmetric brand logos
Gavin Northey, Eugene Y. Chan [Google Scholar]

Reassessing positive dispositions for the consumption of products and services with different cultural meanings: A motivational perspective
Cristina Galalae, Eva Kipnis, Catherine Demangeot [Google Scholar]

Do hybrids impede sustainability? How semantic reorientations and governance reforms can produce and preserve sustainability in sharing business models
Ingo Pies, Stefan Hielscher, Sebastian Everding [Google Scholar]

Mindfulness as an intrapreneurship tool for improving the working environment and self-awareness
Alba Yela Aránega, Mª Teresa Del Val Núñez, Rafael Castaño Sánchez [Google Scholar]

The experimental evaluation of brand strength and brand value
Junnan He, Bobby J. Calder [Google Scholar]

How signal intensity of behavioral orientations affects crowdfunding performance: The role of entrepreneurial orientation in crowdfunding business ventures
Goran Calic, Anton Shevchenko [Google Scholar]

Research Methods in Business: Quantitative and Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Edited by: Fang-Yi Lo, Andrea Rey-Martí and Dolores Botella-Carrubi

Research methods in business: Quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis
Fang-Yi Lo, Andrea Rey-Martí, Dolores Botella-Carrubi [Google Scholar]

Determinants of users’ continuance intention toward digital innovations: Are late adopters different?
Sara F. Jahanmir, Graça Miranda Silva, Paulo J. Gomes, Helena Martins Gonçalves [Google Scholar]

Configuring effective client-adviser interactions
Alexander Leischnig, Kati Kasper-Brauer, Sabrina C. Thornton [Google Scholar]

Designers’ road(s) to success: Balancing exploration and exploitation
Sofie Jacobs, Bart Cambré [Google Scholar]

Family business succession: Analysis of the drivers of success based on entrepreneurship theory
José António Porfírio, José Augusto Felício, Tiago Carrilho [Google Scholar]

Exploring loneliness and social networking: Recipes for hedonic well-being on Facebook
Orie Berezan, Anjala S. Krishen, Shaurya Agarwal, Pushkin Kachroo [Google Scholar]

Financial support for micro and small enterprises: Economic benefit or social responsibility?
Bing Xu, Ricardo Costa-Climent, Yanyan Wang, Yuan Xiao [Google Scholar]

The role of bullying in the development of organizational citizenship behaviors
M. Ángeles López-Cabarcos, Paula Vázquez-Rodríguez, Juan Piñeiro-Chousa, Jérôme Caby [Google Scholar]

Exploring eco-label industry actors’ perceptions on the capabilities of a forthcoming multiple project management software – An fsQCA approach
George Bogdan Drăgan, Raluca Oana Vasilache, George Cristian Schin [Google Scholar]

Corporate governance and R&D investment by European listed companies
Ricardo Rodrigues, António Samagaio, Teresa Felício [Google Scholar]

Assessing the research efficiency of Canadian scholars in the management field: Evidence from the DEA and fsQCA
Nabil Amara, Mehdi Rhaiem, Norrin Halilem [Google Scholar]

Coopetition in innovation ecosystems: A comparative analysis of knowledge transfer configurations
Emily Bacon, Michael D. Williams, Gareth Davies [Google Scholar]

A new event study method to forecast stock returns: The case of Facebook
Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu, Kun-Huang Huarng [Google Scholar]

Trajectories of innovation: A new approach to studying innovation performance
Jorge Juliao-Rossi, Clemente Forero-Pineda, Mauricio Losada-Otalora, Nathalie Peña-García [Google Scholar]

Paradoxes and strategies in social enterprises’ dual logics enactment: A csQCA between Italy and the United Kingdom
Chiara Civera, Damiano Cortese, Fabrizio Mosca, Alex Murdock [Google Scholar]

Exploring the viability of equity crowdfunding as a fundraising instrument: A configurational analysis of contingency factors that lead to crowdfunding success and failure
Veronica De Crescenzo, Domingo Enrique Ribeiro-Soriano, Jeffrey G. Covin [Google Scholar]

How does the terrorist experience alter consumer behaviour? An analysis of the Spanish case
Thomas Baumert, María Mercedes de Obesso, Esther Valbuena [Google Scholar]

What firm’s characteristics drive the dividend policy? A mixed-method study on the Euronext stock exchange
Victor Barros, Pedro Verga Matos, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento [Google Scholar]

Debt, or not debt, that is the question: A Shakespearean question to a corporate decision
Paolo Saona, Eleuterio Vallelado, Pablo San Martín [Google Scholar]

Sustainable development, economic and financial factors, that influence the opportunity-driven entrepreneurship. An fsQCA approach
R. Cervelló-Royo, I. Moya-Clemente, M.R. Perelló-Marín, G. Ribes-Giner [Google Scholar]

Pictorial content, sequence of conflicting online reviews and consumer decision-making: The stimulus-organism-response model revisited
Enrique Bigne, Kalliopi Chatzipanagiotou, Carla Ruiz [Google Scholar]

Committed vs opportunistic corporate and social responsibility reporting
Tiago Gonçalves, Cristina Gaio, Eva Costa [Google Scholar]

Value creation in listed companies: A bibliometric approach
Juan Lafont, Felipe Ruiz, Hermenegildo Gil-Gómez, Raul Oltra-Badenes [Google Scholar]

The Doing Business ranking and the GDP. A qualitative study
João Estevão, José Dias Lopes, Daniela Penela, José Miguel Soares [Google Scholar]

Country-level entrepreneurial attitudes and activity through the years: A panel data analysis using fsQCA
Malcolm J. Beynon, Paul Jones, David Pickernell [Google Scholar]

The influence of sunlight on taxi driver productivity
Pankaj C. Patel, Srikant Devaraj, Narda R. Quigley, Pejvak Oghazi [Google Scholar]

Wellbeing in work environments
E. Pagán-Castaño, A. Maseda-Moreno, C. Santos-Rojo [Google Scholar]

Innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge in the business scientific field: Mapping the research front
Juan Piñeiro-Chousa, M. Ángeles López-Cabarcos, Noelia María Romero-Castro, Ada María Pérez-Pico [Google Scholar]


Corrigendum to “Central positions and performance in the scientific community. Evidences from clinical research projects” [J. Bus. Res. 68(5) (2015) 1074–1081]
Federica Brunetta, Paolo Boccardelli, Andrea Lipparini [Google Scholar]