Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 54(5)


Exploring the forced closure of a brand community that is also a participatory culture
Jacqueline Burgess, Christian Jones [Google Scholar]

Comparing the measures of consumer knowledge calibration
Kishore Gopalakrishna Pillai, Charles F. Hofacker [Google Scholar]

Assembling tribes: An assemblage thinking approach to the dynamics of ephemerality within consumer tribes
Carlos A. Diaz Ruiz, Lisa Penaloza, Jonas Holmqvist [Google Scholar]

The business-to-business inside sales force: roles, configurations and research agenda
Stefan Sleep, Andrea L. Dixon, Thomas DeCarlo, Son K. Lam [Google Scholar]

Behind the scenes: Addressing dual pressures for product standardization and adaptation in new product development in multinational corporations
Yang Liu, Yongjiang Shi [Google Scholar]

In the eye of the beholder: How self-construal influences service evaluations following observations of others’ service experiences
Shahin Sharifi, Gerri Spassova [Google Scholar]

The substitute effect of internal R&D and external knowledge acquisition in emerging markets: An attention-based investigation
Tao Wang, Xue Yu, Nan Cui [Google Scholar]

Conjunctionitis: a call for clarity in construct definitions
Kevin E. Voss, Alex R. Zablah, Yu-Shan (Sandy) Huang, Goutam Chakraborty [Google Scholar]