Coronavirus and Muslim Markets


Coronavirus: Impact and Implications in Muslim Markets, Special issue of the Journal of Islamic Marketing; Deadline 30 Sep 2020

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Author: James Whitely

Coronavirus: Impact and Implications in Muslim Markets

Call for papers for: Journal of Islamic Marketing

Coronavirus: Impact and Implications in Muslim Markets

Professor Noha El-Bassiouny, the German University in Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Hadeer Hammad, the German University in Cairo, Egypt

Professor Wafa El-Garah, Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

Dr. Marina Schmitz, CBS International Business School, Germany


This Special Issue seeks to investigate the Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic through a Marketing lens – and in particular its impact and implications on Muslim markets. Our aim is to encourage scholars to undertake timely research, with the intention of capturing findings and delivering insight during a period of unprecedented uncertainty and challenges. With this in mind, we see a value also in opening discussions wider to the role of faith-based ancient wisdom, applied to a modern context.

Manuscript selection criteria

All submissions must satisfy the following 3 criteria – in that they:

  1. Address matters related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Are grounded in the field of Marketing and written for an audience of marketing academics and/or practitioners
  3. Focus on aspects related to Muslim majority or minority markets and communities, or relate a position derived from the teachings of Islam.

The following are a list of suggested possible themes:

  • The role of government in modelling social behaviour
  • Economic and market analysis and predictions
  • Social media communication patterns
  • Fake news and the spread of misinformation
  • Consumer behaviour and consumption patterns
  • A possible rise in ethnocentrism, racism, xenophobia and nationalism
  • Public Relations and Reputation management
  • Work patterns, alternative working conditions and employment
  • Demography and social migration
  • The impact on professional services, tourism, entertainment, conferences, etc.
  • The impact on Ramadan and pilgrimage
  • Communicating health and pharmaceutical issues
  • Alternative remedies
  • Islamic/Muslim religiosity and faith
  • Mental health, well-being and social isolation.
  • The challenges of halal certification and verification during a pandemic
  • Sustainability issues
  • The digitization of education

We invite scholars to submit papers that align with the aims and themes stated in this call, and we welcome both empirical and conceptual papers. We are open also to papers that are inter or cross-disciplinary.

Finally, we encourage scholars to study papers published previously in the journal – in order to gain an understanding of our preferred style, and relevant existing findings, conceptual models, and approaches.

Submission information

The deadline for submissions of full papers is September 30, 2020.

Submissions should be made online at

please ensure you select this special issue from the drop down menu when you submit. Please view the journal author guidelines before submitting at

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