J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 36(5/6)



Promote or Perish? A brief note on academic social networking sites and academic reputation
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Dystopia and utopia in digital services
Hofacker; Corsaro [Google Scholar]

Determining perceptions, attitudes and behaviour towards social network site advertising in a three-country context
Wiese; Akareem [Google Scholar]

Critical determinants for mobile commerce adoption in Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises
Chau; Deng; Tay [Google Scholar]

Live streaming commerce from the sellers’ perspective: implications for online relationship marketing
Wongkitrungrueng; Dehouche; Assarut [Google Scholar]

Beyond concern: socio-demographic and attitudinal influences on privacy and disclosure choices
Pomfret; Previte; Coote [Google Scholar]

When gamification backfires: the impact of perceived justice on online community contributions
Leclercq; Poncin; Hammedi; Kullak; Hollebeek [Google Scholar]