J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 163(4)



Special Issue on Values, Spirituality and Religion: Family Business and the Roots of Sustainable Ethical Behavior

Editorial Essay

Values, Spirituality and Religion: Family Business and the Roots of Sustainable Ethical Behavior
Joseph H. Astrachan, Claudia Binz Astrachan, Giovanna Campopiano & Massimo Baù [Google Scholar]

How Religion Shapes Family Business Ethical Behaviors: An Institutional Logics Perspective
Ramzi Fathallah, Yusuf Sidani & Sandra Khalil [Google Scholar]

The Family That Prays Together Stays Together: Toward a Process Model of Religious Value Transmission in Family Firms
Francesco Barbera, Henry X. Shi, Ankit Agarwal & Mark Edwards [Google Scholar]

Articulating Values Through Identity Work: Advancing Family Business Ethics Research
Marleen Dieleman & Juliette Koning [Google Scholar]

Islamic Family Business: The Constitutive Role of Religion in Business
Mustafa Kavas, Paula Jarzabkowski & Amit Nigam [Google Scholar]

Exploring a Faith-Led Open-Systems Perspective of Stewardship in Family Businesses
Angela Carradus, Ricardo Zozimo & Allan Discua Cruz [Google Scholar]

Spirituality and Corporate Philanthropy in Indian Family Firms: An Exploratory Study
Navneet Bhatnagar, Pramodita Sharma & Kavil Ramachandran [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Spiritual Leadership in Family Firms: A Conservation of Resources Perspective
William Tabor, Kristen Madison, Laura E. Marler & Franz W. Kellermanns [Google Scholar]

Value-Enhancing Social Responsibility: Market Reaction to Donations by Family vs. Non-family Firms with Religious CEOs
Min Maung, Danny Miller, Zhenyang Tang & Xiaowei Xu [Google Scholar]

What Time May Tell: An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Religiosity, Temporal Orientation, and Goals in Family Business
Torsten M. Pieper, Ralph I. Williams Jr., Scott C. Manley & Lucy M. Matthews [Google Scholar]

Family Firms’ Religious Identity and Strategic Renewal
Sondos G. Abdelgawad & Shaker A. Zahra [Google Scholar]