Ann Rev Poli Sci


Annual Review of Political Science, 23


Understanding Multilateral Institutions in Easy and Hard Times
Robert O. Keohane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond War and Contracts: The Medieval and Religious Roots of the European State
Anna Grzymala-Busse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Madison’s Constitution Under Stress: A Developmental Analysis of Political Polarization
Paul Pierson and Eric Schickler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Democratic Stability: A Long View
Federica Carugati [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political Misinformation
Jennifer Jerit and Yangzi Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Political Theory of Parties and Partisanship: Catching Up
Russell Muirhead and Nancy L. Rosenblum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Climate Change and Work: Politics and Power
Natasha N. Iskander and Nichola Lowe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Studying Leaders and Elites: The Personal Biography Approach
Daniel Krcmaric, Stephen C. Nelson, and Andrew Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the Role of Racism in Contemporary US Public Opinion
Katherine Cramer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Partisan Gerrymandering and Political Science
Eric McGhee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic Geography, Politics, and Policy
Stephanie J. Rickard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transnational Actors and Transnational Governance in Global Environmental Politics
Thomas Hale [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Fluidity of Racial Classifications
Lauren Davenport [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic Development and Democracy: Predispositions and Triggers
Daniel Treisman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional Bargaining for Democratic Theorists (or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Haggling)
Jack Knight and Melissa Schwartzberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Clientelism’s Red Herrings: Dead Ends and New Directions in the Study of Nonprogrammatic Politics
Allen Hicken and Noah L. Nathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Changing Cleavage Politics of Western Europe
Robert Ford and Will Jennings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Authoritarian-Led Democratization
Rachel Beatty Riedl, Dan Slater, Joseph Wong, and Daniel Ziblatt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Survey Experiments in International Political Economy: What We (Don’t) Know About the Backlash Against Globalization
Megumi Naoi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How International Actors Help Enforce Domestic Deals
Aila M. Matanock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Emerging Military Technologies Matter for International Politics?
Michael C. Horowitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resilience to Online Censorship
Margaret E. Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identity Politics and Populism in Europe
Abdul Noury and Gerard Roland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust: A Narrative and Meta-Analytical Review
Peter Thisted Dinesen, Merlin Schaeffer, and Kim Mannemar S√łnderskov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]