Social Media Strategy in Sustainable Business

by Charles Hofacker


Special issue of Sustainability; Deadline 15 Aug 2020

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Author: Gohar Kahn

Business sustainability is an executive approach that takes environmental and social problems as corporate objectives along with traditional profit objectives. It is meeting the needs of a firm’s direct and indirect stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, employees, clients, pressure groups, communities, etc.) without compromising its ability to meet the needs of future stakeholders as well. In practice, a good number of firms voluntarily evaluate their own corporate sustainability and disclose the impact they make on the environment, society, and the economy. Other firms incorporate sustainability into their core business model to explore new business opportunities so as to create shared value together with various stakeholders. Nevertheless, the market outcome of sustainable business is not always positive, with some studies reporting discouraging consumer reaction due to behavioral attitudes, low priority of sustainability, and low trust from investors due to their concern regarding the authenticity and profitability of businesses’ sustainable efforts.

Special Issue Editors

Dr. Gohar Khan
Guest Editor
Department of Management and Marketing, University of Waikato, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand
Interests: digital business; social media; data analytics; network science; technology adoption and use

Dr. Pengji Wang
Guest Editor
Department of Business, James Cook University Singapore Campus, Singapore
Interests: strategy; international business; green marketing; social media marketing

Dr. Jacob Wood
Guest Editor
Department of Business, James Cook University Singapore Campus, Singapore
Interests: social business adoption; non-tariff barriers; WTO dispute resolution; international trade negotiations

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