Measurement in Marketing


Special issue of Review of Marketing Research; Deadline 1 Jan 2021

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Author: Hans Baumgartner

Review of Marketing Research

Naresh K. Malhotra
Editor-in-Chief, Review of Marketing Research
Senior Fellow, Georgia Tech CIBER
Regents’ Professor Emeritus
Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller College of Business

Call for Papers
Volume 19, Special Issue on:
Measurement in Marketing
Hans Baumgartner and Bert Weijters
Guest Editors of the Special Issue

When researchers conduct empirical studies, they require measures that faithfully represent the constructs of interest. As detailed in the recent monograph on Measurement in Marketing by Baumgartner and Weijters (Foundations and Trends® in Marketing 2019), measurement entails conceptualizing theoretical constructs and selecting observable indicators of these constructs (which means that researchers have to know how to construct good measurement scales); collecting data so that the theoretical issues of interest can be studied empirically (frequently via the use of surveys, which means that researchers have to have a deep understanding of the psychology of survey response and the sources of error that may distort respondents’ answers to survey questions); and specifying, estimating, and testing measurement models that link the observed indicators to the latent factors representing the constructs of interest (which means that researchers have to be able to formulate sometimes sophisticated measurement models and to assess the quality of their measures). The purpose of this special issue is to contribute to the literature on measurement in all three senses and to further improve current measurement practices in marketing.

Contributors from all areas of marketing (behavioral, quantitative, and managerial) are encouraged to contribute. The volume seeks papers devoted to measurement issues that are relevant to the field of marketing and broad enough to be of interest to marketing researchers in general. Review articles that summarize the state-of-practice related to an important measurement issue are especially encouraged. Papers developing measures of specific marketing constructs, psychometric assessments of existing measurement scales, and other narrowly focused empirical studies devoted to measurement are not suitable for this special issue.

Authors should submit their manuscripts as a Word file (please use AMA formatting) on or before January 1, 2021 to both guest editors, Hans Baumgartner ( and Bert Weijters ( Manuscripts will be processed through a double blind review, and submissions are expected to contain coverage of state-of-the-art literature. Final drafts will be due on May 31, 2021. Interested authors are encouraged to contact the guest editors for questions and clarifications.

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