Interventions for Healthier Eating


Special issue of the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research; Deadline 30 Apr 2021

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Author: James Ellis


Issue Editors: Pierre Chandon, Kelly Haws, and Peggy Liu
Journal of the Association for Consumer Research | Volume 7, Issue 3

Food is a central research topic for the consumer research community and beyond. The inaugural issue of JACR that was published in January 2016, “The Behavioral Science of Eating,” included many important and exciting papers on all aspects of food decision making and has the 2nd highest Altmetric score across all issues of JACR. Since that time, the prominence of food and health as research topics within the field of consumer research and beyond has only increased. As such, this special issue seeks to bring together the latest research in food decision making that, in particular, focuses on efforts to enhance healthy eating patterns through a variety of evidence-based interventions. Despite efforts from a variety of stakeholders, our world continues to be affected by the negative consequences of unhealthy food consumption. We believe that we have a unique opportunity to contribute new insights through an understanding of the latest pioneering efforts to encourage healthier eating through a variety of interventions targeted at various levels.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Shorter papers, with fewer, but well-powered, and high realism (field or otherwise) studies with a prioritization on papers including at least one study with actual food choice and/or consumption.
  • Papers with prescriptive implications for how companies, consumers, and/or policy makers should change their current practices, that is, insights with the potential for immediate action rather than detailed evidence for underlying processes.
  • Rigorous and thoughtful investigations reporting well-powered field interventions that resulted in minimal actual behavior change, as we believe that it can be as important to know what interventions do not work as it is to know what interventions do work.
  • Research examining the multidimensional aspects of healthy eating behaviors in general, not just choice of healthy versus unhealthy foods, including when and how much to eat, meal cessation, eating rituals, and more. Similarly, we will welcome papers that do not restrict food healthiness to calories but examine nutrition, food wellbeing, food safety, or eating disorders.

To promote accepted papers, we will organize a virtual seminar in May 2022 during which authors of accepted papers will have an opportunity to give 15-minute presentations of their work. This virtual seminar will be open to all researchers, students, journalists and practitioners around the world and will be recorded for further broad dissemination.

We are strongly encouraging the submission of shorter manuscripts (up to 5,000 words, including the abstract and references). However, we will also consider full manuscripts (not to exceed 8,000 words, including the abstract and references). Authors may submit additional information such as supplemental data analyses and/or detailed stimuli descriptions separately for online-only presentation as “Supplemental Documents.” Submissions will receive double-blind peer review. Author guidelines can be found online on the JACR Guidelines for Authors page. Authors who would like additional information are encouraged to contact the co-editors at, and

Editorial Timeline
Submission Window Opens: April 1, 2021
Deadline for Initial Submission:  April 30, 2021
Deadline for Final Manuscripts:  March 15, 2022
Virtual Seminar Featuring Accepted Papers: May 2022
Publication: July 2022

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