Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 54(4)


Customers’ experienced product quality: scale development and validation
Ramesh Roshan Das Guru, Marcel Paulssen

Compensatory word of mouth as symbolic self-completion: When talking about a brand can restore consumers’ self-perceptions after self-threat
Christina Saenger, Veronica L. Thomas, Dora E. Bock

Free upgrades with costly consequences: Can preferential treatment inflate customers’ entitlement and induce negative behaviors?
Alexandra Polyakova, Zachary Estes, Andrea Ordanini

Promotional phrases as analogical questions: inferential fluency and persuasion
Hsuan-Hsuan Ku, Mei-Ju Chen

Process innovation and performance: the role of divergence
Erik Mooi, John Rudd, Ad de Jong

Don’t you (forget about me): The impact of out-of-the-channel-loop perceptions in distribution channels
Ce (Jacky) Mo, Ting Yu, Ko de Ruyter

Comparing consumers’ in-group-favor and out-group-animosity processes within sports sponsorship
Hsin-Chen Lin, Patrick F. Bruning

Alternative paradigms for sustainability: the Māori worldview
Ann-Marie Kennedy, Cathy McGouran, Joya A. Kemper

“You really shouldn’t have!” Coping with failed gift experiences
Ines Branco-Illodo, Teresa Heath, Caroline Tynan

Marketing performance measurement systems and firm performance: Are marketing capabilities the missing links?
Xiaoning Liang, Yuhui Gao

The role of discrete positive emotions in consumer response to place-of-origin
Ulrich R. Orth, Roberta Carolyn Crouch, Johan Bruwer, Justin Cohen

The effect of complete versus partial observations on service evaluations: Role of need for cognitive closure and compensation type
Marjan Abbasi