Eur J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 54(1)


“One country, two systems”: consumer acculturation of Hong Kong locals
Jeff Jianfeng Wang, Annamma Joy, Russell Belk, John F. Sherry, Jr

Customers’ reactions to different organizational tactics in a service termination context
Amin Nazifi, Dahlia El-Manstrly, Katja Gelbrich

Consumers gain equivalent levels of happiness from sharing about an experience and an object
Wilson Bastos

Ethical attribute and brand concept congruity enhances brand evaluations
Maryam Tofighi, Bianca Grohmann, H. Onur Bodur

Gratitude in franchisor-franchisee relationships: does personality matter?
Sara Quach, Scott K. Weaven, Park Thaichon, Brent Baker, Chase Jeremiah Edwards

Effectiveness of pull-based print advertising with QR codes: Role of consumer involvement and advertisement appeal
Rohit Trivedi, Thorsten Teichert, Dirk Hardeck

The karma of consumption: role of materialism in the pursuit of life satisfaction
Rajat Roy, Fazlul K. Rabbanee, Himadri Roy Chaudhuri, Preetha Menon

Problematizing the presentation and reception of political brands: The strategic and operational nature of the political Brand alignment model
Christopher Pich, Guja Armannsdottir, Dianne Dean, Louise Spry, Varsha Jain

Solving dissociative group effects using construal level theory
Miriam McGowan, Louise May Hassan, Edward Shiu

Men and masculinities in a changing world: (de)legitimizing gender ideals in advertising
Linda Tuncay Zayer, Mary Ann McGrath, Pilar Castro-González