Intl J Res Mar


International Journal of Research in Marketing , 37(1)


Special Section: EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholars. Guest Edited By: Gary L. Lilien

IJRM special section introduction: EMAC distinguished marketing scholar papers
Gary L. Lilien

Retailing and retailing research in the age of big data analytics
Marnik G. Dekimpe

The future of marketing
Roland T. Rust

The evolving world of research in marketing and the blending of theory and data
Donald R. Lehmann

Delimiting disruption: Why Uber is disruptive, but Airbnb is not
Eitan Muller

Regular Papers

Organizing for cross-selling: Do it right, or not at all
Christian Homburg, Sina Böhler, Sebastian Hohenberg

Dynamic effects of newcomer salespersons’ peer relational exchanges and structures on performance
Danny P. Claro, Carla Ramos, Gabriel R. Gonzalez, Robert W. Palmatier

On the monetization of mobile apps
Gil Appel, Barak Libai, Eitan Muller, Ron Shachar

Package graphic design and communication across cultures: An investigation of Chinese consumers’ interpretation of imported wine labels
Franck Celhay, Peiyao Cheng, Josselin Masson, Wenhua Li

Customer satisfaction underappreciation: The relation of customer satisfaction to CEO compensation
Ming-Hui Huang, Michael Trusov

A comparative analysis of marketing promotions and implications for data analytics
Moutaz Khouja, Chandra Subramaniam, Vinay Vasudev

When do loyalty programs work? The moderating role of design, retailer-strategy, and country characteristics
Nick J.F. Bombaij, Marnik G. Dekimpe

Direct effect of advertising spending on firm value: Moderating role of financial analyst coverage
Ding Du, Talai Osmonbekov