Mar Letters

by Charles Hofacker


Marketing Letters, 31(1)



Speciesism: an obstacle to AI and robot adoption
Bernd Schmitt

The cannabis industry: a natural laboratory for marketing strategy research
Mitchell C. Olsen & Keith Marion Smith

Idea Corner

The Second Digital Revolution
Aric Rindfleisch

Drug influences on consumer judgments: emerging insights and research opportunities from the intersection of pharmacology and psychology
Geoffrey R. O. Durso, Kelly L. Haws & Baldwin M. Way

Using technology to bring online convenience to offline shopping
Marnik G. Dekimpe, Inge Geyskens & Katrijn Gielens

Why do consumers think it is fair to pay more when buying from producers versus retailers?
Gabriel E. Gonzales, Lisa E. Bolton & Margaret G. Meloy

“See your doctor”: the impact of direct-to-consumer advertising on patients with different affliction levels
Qiang Liu, Hongju Liu & Manohar Kalwani

Changing consumers’ minds at the point of sale: price discounts vs. in-store advertising
Marius Johnen & Oliver Schnittka

Customizing products for self versus close others: the effect of intended recipient on creator perceptions of product uniqueness
Jiamin Yin, Yansu Wang, Jun Pang & Kanliang Wang

Can negative buzz increase awareness and purchase intent?
Jung Ah Han, Elea McDonnell Feit & Shuba Srinivasan

Celebrity influence on word of mouth: the interplay of power states and power expectations
Veronica L. Thomas, Kendra Fowler & Christina Saenger