Best Wishes from IMM

by Charles Hofacker


The Editors offer their thoughts to the Industrial Marketing Management community

Author: Adam Lingreen

Our Best Wishes to the Industrial Marketing Management Community

All around the world, governments issue physical lockdowns to avoid the spreading of the Corona virus. With the virus on everywhere in the world, we will all be affected in one way or another. Many of us will lose loved ones; and many of us for sure will get the virus, but survive. We at Industrial Marketing Management extend our best wishes to each and every one of you, to yourself and to your families, friends, and colleagues.

Although it may seem cynical, we do need to safeguard Industrial Marketing Management at the same time. We realize that you must have many things on your mind including your teaching that you probably now are turning into online teaching. Thus, if you need additional time for your revisions or reviews, simply let us know, and we shall extend the deadline. Your health is the most important to us.

Stay safe!

Kind regards,

Adam Lindgreen and C. Anthony Di Benedetto

Co-Editors-in-Chief, Industrial Marketing Management