Co-Creation and Co-Creation Experience

by Charles Hofacker


Ava (Huijuan) Yu is looking for unpublished studies using any methodology on co-creation or co-creation experience


Author: Ava (Huijuan) Yu

I am currently working on a scoping review of co-creation and co-creation experience as part of my PhD thesis.

Co-creation in this project is defined as “joint creation and an evolution of value with stakeholding individuals, intensified and enacted through platforms of engagements” (Ramaswamy and Ozcan 2014, p.14). In line with this, co-creation experience is referred to the experience of processes and outcomes in the designed engagement platforms (Ramaswamy and Ozcan 2014). The related concept has been applied in various service industries such as healthcare (e.g. Frow, McColl-Kennedy, and Payne 2016), hospitality (e.g. Chathoth et al. 2013), tourism (e.g. Chen, Yang, and Leo 2017), public sector (e.g. Farooqi 2016), and education industry (e.g. Dollinger, Lodge, and Coates 2018; Fagerstrøm and Ghinea 2013).

I am looking for any unpublished work on co-creation or co-creation experience in the context of services industries regardless of the research method.

If you can share your unpublished work on this association, that would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ava (Huijuan) Yu
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