Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award


Frank Germann, Peter Ebbes, and Rajdeep Grewal have won this award for their 2015 JM article that looked at the importance of CMOs to firm performance


Author: Christine Moorman

Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award

Christine Moorman, Harald van Heerde, C. Page Moreau, and Robert Palmatier are pleased to announce the winner and finalists of the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award:

  • Winner: The Chief Marketing Officer Matters!,” Frank Germann, Peter Ebbes, and Rajdeep Grewal
  • Committee: Roland T. Rust (chair), Kusum L. Ailawadi, and Ruth N. Bolton
  • From the Committee: “We are delighted to recognize “The Chief Marketing Officer Matters!” by Frank Germann (University of Notre Dame), Peter Ebbes (HEC), and Rajdeep Grewal (UNC-Chapel Hill) as the winner of the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award, which honors the article published in the Journal of Marketing in 2015 that has made the most important long-term contributions to the field of marketing. The paper is deserving for many reasons. It resolves previously contradictory findings, using rigorous econometric techniques, to show that the presence of a CMO results in improved firm performance. The paper also opens up avenues for future research about the marketing leadership antecedents of business performance. The findings are especially timely when many marketing activities are being assumed by non-marketing parts of the firm. This paper implies that such re-organizing has potentially deleterious effects. Marketing has its role, and the CMO really does matter! This paper also offers important insights to the field regarding the resolution of questions about endogeneity in observational marketing data.
  • Other Finalists:
  • A Meta-Analysis of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Elasticity,” Ya You, Gautham G. Vadakkepatt, and Amit M. Joshi
  • Indirect Learning: How Emerging-Market Firms Grow in Developed Markets,” Sourindra Banerjee, Jaideep C. Prabhu, and Rajesh K. Chandy
  • New Product Design: Concept, Measurement, and Consequences,” Christian Homburg, Martin Schwemmle, and Christina Kuehnl
  • The Handmade Effect: What’s Love Got to Do with It? ,” Christoph Fuchs, Martin Schreier, and Stijn M.J. Van Osselaer
  • Details on the award selection process can be found here

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