Journal of Marketing News – March 2020


Updates from JM including a Webinar on 18 Mar


Author: Christine Moorman

Journal of Marketing News – March 2020

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  • “Personalized Cancer Outreach Saves Both Lives and Money:” Cancer screening opens the door for early detection, more cost-effective treatment options, and better recovery prognosis. Yet only 8% of US adults over-35 utilize cancer screenings. To encourage them, healthcare institutions want to design the most effective outreach programs to encourage cancer screenings. This webinar will report findings of an NIH sponsored study forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing that uses advanced machine learning to develop personalized cancer outreach marketing efforts that can simultaneously improve patient screening completion rates by up to 24 percentage points and return on outreach programs by up to 96 percent. Speakers: Yixing Chen and Hari Sridhar (Texas A&M University) and Vikas Mittal (Rice University)
  • “Business-to-Business E-Negotiations and Influence Tactics”: Advances in digital technologies motivate companies to adopt technology-mediated channels for sales interactions. However, little is known about the effectiveness of B2B e-negotiations. This webinar will report findings and insights from a new study that analyzes B2B e-communications to provide sellers with insights. Text analysis of email communications between buyers and sellers is used to identify effective influence tactics and underlying mechanisms. Speakers: Sunil Singh (University of Nebraska) and Detelina Marinova (University of Missouri)

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