J Behavioral Dec Making


Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 33(2)



To be at the tail of the lions or the head of the foxes?
–Judith Avrahami, Ayala Ezer, Werner Güth, Nour Kardosh, Yaakov Kareev, Uri Zak

Poor peer work does not boost student confidence
–Heather Barry Kappes, Barbara Fasolo, Wenjie Han, Jessica Barnes, Janna Ter Meer

Cheating among children: Temptation, loss framing, and previous cheating
–Lukasz Markiewicz, Katarzyna Gawryluk

Cheating: One common morality for gains and losses but two components of morality itself
–Lukasz Markiewicz, Marcin Czupryna

The role of motivation and volition in economic decisions: Evidence from eye movements and pupillometry
–Jonas Ludwig, Alexander Jaudas, Anja Achtziger

Generosity and livelihoods: Dictator game evidence on the multidimensional nature of sharing among the Kenyan Maasai
–Caroline Archambault, Tobias Kalenscher, Joost de Laat

Examining children’s ability to delay reward: Is the delay discounting task a suitable measure?
–Patrick Burns, Olivia Fay, Mary-Frances McCafferty, Veronica McKeever, Cristina Atance, Teresa McCormack

A systematic review of algorithm aversion in augmented decision making
–Jason W. Burton, Mari-Klara Stein, Tina Blegind Jensen

When “decoy effect” meets gender bias: The role of choice set composition in hiring decisions
–Steffen Keck, Wenjie Tang