Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 44(2)


Determinants of indebtedness among young adults: Impacts of lender guidelines, explicit information and financial (over)confidence
–Jeanette Carlsson Hauff, Jonas Nilsson

Emerging adults’ financial capability: A financial socialization perspective
–Caroline Marchant, Tina Harrison

Consumption as a social integration strategy in times of crisis: The case of vulnerable households
–María Arnal Sarasa, Carlos de Castro Pericacho, María Paz Martín Martín

Why buy new when one can share? Exploring collaborative consumption motivations for consumer goods
–Naeun Lauren Kim, Byoungho Ellie Jin

Young adults’ borrowing to purchases of desired consumer products related to present-biased temporal discounting, attitude towards borrowing and financial involvement and knowledge
–Tommy Gärling, Patrik Michaelsen, Amelie Gamble

Introducing a three-tier sustainability framework to examine bike-sharing system use: An extension of the technology acceptance model
–Simon Jamšek, Barbara Culiberg

Can traffic light nutritional labels induce healthier consumer choices? Experimental evidence from a developing country
–Daniel Defago, José Fernando Geng, Oswaldo Molina, Diego Santa María

Health motive and the purchase of organic food: A meta-analytic review
–Jyoti Rana, Justin Paul

Community supported agriculture membership: The benefits of spousal involvement
–Ilona Liliána Birtalan, Ágnes Neulinger, József Rácz, György Bárdos