ICRM 2020

by Charles Hofacker


International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing, Leicester Castle Business School, Leicester, UK, 15-18 Sep 2020; Deadline 10 Apr


Author: Tracy Harwood

You are invited to contribute an extended Abstract or a proposal for a Debate, Panel Discussion or Poster presentation. The theme for this year’s colloquium is  “Relationship Marketing and Technology: a Love Hate Relationship?”.

Contributions are invited exploring the roles of technologies in relationship marketing in contemporary business and society.

We especially welcome submissions from multi-disciplinary perspectives and those which demonstrate engagement with stakeholders across the public, private and third sectors.

Best Papers from ICRM2020 will be invited to submit full versions to an ICRM Special Section of a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Service Management (5 year Impact Factor 2018: 4.593).

Potential topics

Potential topics include:

  • Interdisciplinary perspectives of relationship marketing (RM), eg., technologies and database/direct marketing marketing, services and technologies, customer relationships and technologies
  • Customer base and network-based relationship marketing
  • Management interdependencies between business actors (stakeholders) and customers
  • Applications of contemporary technologies such as AIs, 5G, mobile-wearables, cryptos, blockchain, games, immersives, and many others
  • Firm practice and customer demand on customised experience as a driving force in relationship management
  • Technologies impacts eg., evolving and new channels, new ways of interacting, changing roles of data, automation and artificial intelligence, new types of services intervening in supply chains
  • Contemporary issues for RM
  • How the fundamental concepts of RM are evolving and adapting to reflect the influence of contemporary technologies
  • Relevant theories that emerge for evolution of RM at both market-based and network-based levels
  • How RM should be supported as a disciplinary field of interest
  • Past, present and future perspectives of roles of technologies for/in RM
  • Customer/stakeholder perspectives
  • Value co-creation and RM
  • Value and measurement of RM
  • Sustainability, ethics and society for RM
  • CSR in the age of advancing technologies for RM
  • RM and well-being
  • Challenges and opportunities in the sharing economy
  • New and emerging business models


Please submit an Extended Abstract or a proposal for a Debate, Panel discussion or Poster presentation by Friday 10th April 2020.