Better Together: Teaching Innovations in Marketing


Special issue of Marketing Education Review; Deadline 15 Aug 2020


Author: James Mead

Call for Papers- Summer 2021 Innovation Issue

Better Together: Teaching Innovations in Marketing
Guest Editors:

James A. Mead, University of West Florida (
Rebecca A. VanMeter, Ball State University (

Submission deadline: August 15, 2020

As marketing educators, we are better together when we share our teaching innovations to communicate successes, learn from mistakes, and positively impact student learning. We meet at conferences, share, connect, and continue the tradition of helping each other grow with this Better Together: Teaching Innovations issue of MER. This issue will feature the best of the best of teaching innovations in marketing. Submissions may focus on instruction related to any aspect of marketing, from any marketing-related course, at either the graduate or undergraduate level. Papers should clearly explain how the innovation is both novel and effective in addressing the pedagogical challenge or opportunity identified. Papers should also clearly articulate how readers could adopt the innovation in their marketing classrooms.

Authors should consider the following outline when preparing a manuscript:

  1. Clearly state the challenge or opportunity the innovation is intended to address.
  2. Explain how the challenge or opportunity relates to marketing curriculum objectives.
  3. Outline the innovation itself:
    1. What information do the students have about or related to the topic?
    2. What information did the instructor want the students to know after this innovation?
    3. What is the basic process used to deliver the information, including time and resources?
    4. What materials did the instructor provide to the students? Provide sample(s), if possible.
  4. Explain how the innovation is novel (i.e., how is it different from existing instructional methods).
  5. Explain how the innovation is effective (i.e., how well it addresses the challenge or opportunity).
  6. Report assessment results, if available, to demonstrate the innovation’s effectiveness. Quantitative evidence in the form of pre/post assessment or assessment across semesters is highly encouraged.
  7. Summarize challenges or concerns encountered when using the innovation and how an instructor might deal with them.
  8. Comment on the adaptability of the innovation across marketing courses.

Marketing Education Review receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscripts site located at

Authors must select Innovation Issue and not the regular issue. There is a 14-page, double-spaced maximum length for submissions (body, figures, tables, and references). This page limit does not include the abstract or supplemental online material. Submissions that do not follow the required formatting style will not be considered for publication.

Please consult the MER site for details on the formatting requirements for submissions at: