Preferential Treatment and Relational Outcomes


Woojung Chang seeks unpublished work on the effects of preferential treatment (or special treatment) on relational outcomes.


Author: Woojung Chang

Dear colleagues:

I am currently working on a meta-analysis which investigates the effects of preferential treatment (or special treatment) on various relational outcomes.

Preferential treatment (or special treatment) in this project refers to a customer’s perception of the extent to which a firm treats and serves its selective customers better than other customers. Firms’ practices to give selective customers elevated social status recognition and/or additional or enhanced products and services are examples of preferential treatment strategy.

I am looking for any unpublished work on the relationships between preferential treatment and relational outcomes (e.g., loyalty, satisfaction, trust, commitment, relationship quality, WOM, switching costs).

If you can share your unpublished work on this association, that would be a great help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Woojung Chang
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