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The AMA Sport & Sponsorship-Linked Marketing SIG invites nominations for three annual awards


Author: Jonathan A. Jensen

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American Marketing Association (AMA) Sport & 

Sponsorship-Linked Marketing Special Interest Group (SportSIG)

2020 Award Nominations

The American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Sport & Sponsorship-Linked Marketing Special Interest Group (SportSIG) invites nominations for its three annual awards:

1) Distinguished Career Contribution Award
This award is the highest honor of SportSIG and recognizes scholars who have made a significant contribution to the scientific understanding of the business of sport throughout a substantial career in academia. A list of past award winners can be found here.

2) Emerging Scholar in Sport Marketing Award
This award recognizes a scholar in the early stage of his or her career who has significantly contributed to the scientific study of sport and/or sponsorship-linked marketing.  Award candidates may include PhD candidates who have advanced beyond the comprehensive exam (i.e., ABD status), as well as pre-tenure faculty members.

Required nomination materials for the awards described above are:

  • Letter of recommendation from senior scholar in sport marketing
  • Current curriculum vita for nominee
  • Three first author publications representative of nominee’s scholarship (PDF’s)

Past winners

2019   Yonghwan Chang (University of Minnesota)
2018   Thilo Kunkel (Temple University)
2017   Jonathan A. Jensen (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
2016   Christopher Lee (Arizona State University)
2015   Cody Havard (University of Memphis)

3) Paper of the Year in Sport Marketing

Required nomination materials for ‘Paper of the Year’ award:

  • One-page letter of nomination highlighting the contribution to sport marketing research and practice, as well as the full article citation (Paper must have been published after January 1, 2019 and may not be in press)
  • Copy of the published paper (PDF)

Past winners

Mazodier, M., Henderson, C. M., & Beck, J. T. (2018). The long reach of sponsorship: How fan isolation and identification jointly shape sponsorship performance. Journal of Marketing, 82(6) 28-48.

Woisetschläger, D. M., Backhaus, C., & Cornwell, T. B. (2017). Inferring corporate motives: How deal characteristics shape sponsorship perceptions. Journal of Marketing, 81(5), 121-141.

Cobbs, J., Tyler, B. D., Jensen, J. A., & Chan, K. (2017). Prioritizing sponsorship resources in Formula One Racing: A longitudinal analysis. Journal of Sport Management, 31(1), 96-110.

Close, A. G., Lacey, R., & Cornwell, T. B. (2015). Visual processing and need for cognition can enhance event-sponsorship outcomes. Journal of Advertising Research, 55(2), 206-215.

Jensen, J. A. & Cobbs, J. B. (2014). Predicting return on investment in sport sponsorship. Journal of Advertising Research, 54(4), 435-447.

All nomination materials should be submitted to by April 1, 2020.  Winners, who are selected by past SportSIG award winners, will be awarded plaques and recognized at the 2020 AMA Summer Academic Conference in San Francisco in August.

About SportSIG

The mission of SportSIG is to advance sport and sponsorship-linked marketing by fostering a community dedicated to research, teaching, and service to the field of sport marketing. SportSIG also strives to bridge academia and industry by facilitating programming in conference host cities that creates networking opportunities where academicians and industry professionals can interact and share best practices.

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