J Hosp Mar Man


Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 29(3)


Enhancing hospitality experience with service robots: the mediating role of rapport building
Hailian Qiu, Minglong Li, Boyang Shu & Billy Bai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When does technology anthropomorphism help alleviate customer dissatisfaction after a service failure? – The moderating role of consumer technology self-efficacy and interdependent self-construal
Alei Fan, Luorong (Laurie) Wu, Li Miao & Anna S. Mattila [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do hotels manage food waste? evidence from hotels in Orlando, Florida
Bendegul Okumus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Better the devil you know? The moderating role of brand familiarity and indulgence vs. restraint cultural dimension on eWOM influence in the hospitality industry
Daniel Ruiz-Equihua, Jaime Romero & Luis V. Casaló [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Types of green practices, hotel price image and consumers’ attitudes in China: the mediating role of consumer skepticism
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Linkages among nonmarket strategies, market strategies, organizational values and performance in the hotel industry: preliminary evidence from Hong Kong
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