J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 109



Forty-five years of Journal of Business Research: A bibliometric analysis
–Naveen Donthu, Satish Kumar, Debidutta Pattnaik

Self–object relationships in consumers’ spontaneous metaphors of anthropomorphism, zoomorphism, and dehumanization
–Katerina Karanika, Margaret K. Hogg

Rising corporate debt and value relevance of supply-side factors in South Africa
–Michael Machokoto, Geofry Areneke, Boulis Maher Ibrahim

How to measure quality in multi-channel retailing and not die trying
–Emiliano Acquila-Natale, Santiago Iglesias-Pradas

Investor-advisor Big Five personality similarity and stock trading performance
–Muhammad Zubair Tauni, Salman Yousaf, Tanveer Ahsan

Early mover (dis)advantages and knowledge spillover effects on blockchain startups’ funding and innovation performance
–Gunno Park, Seungryul Ryan Shin, Minkyung Choy

A framework for Facebook advertising effectiveness: A behavioral perspective
–Melanie Wiese, Carla Martínez-Climent, Dolores Botella-Carrubi

Interactive effects of situational and enduring involvement with perceived crowding and time pressure in pay-what-you-want (PWYW) pricing
–Piyush Sharma, Rajat Roy, Fazlul K. Rabbanee

Assessing measurement model quality in PLS-SEM using confirmatory composite analysis
–Joe F. Hair, Matt C. Howard, Christian Nitzl

Attention-grabbing IPOs in early stages for IT firms: An empirical analysis of post-IPO performance
–Young Bong Chang, YoungOk Kwon

How employee behaviors effect organizational change and stability
–J. Bruce Gilstrap, Timothy A. Hart

Innovation in legal services: The practices that influence ideation and codification activities
–Jane Bourke, Stephen Roper, James H. Love

Facilitating integration and maintaining autonomy: The role of managerial action and interaction in post-acquisition cabability transfer
–Helene Loe Colman

Corporate executives with financial backgrounds: The crowding-out effect on innovation investment and outcomes
–Baohua Liu, Wei Zhou, Kam C. Chan, Yining Chen

Does news affect disagreement in global markets?
–Tao Chen

National cultural distance, organizational culture, and adaptation of management innovations in foreign subsidiaries: A fuzzy set analysis of TQM implementation in Saudi Arabia
–Fahad Alofan, Stephen Chen, Hao Tan

Why and when job stressors impact voice behaviour: An ego depletion perspective
–Ying Xia, Birgit Schyns, Li Zhang

Factors shaping attitude of voters about celebrity politicians: Direct and indirect effects
–Saikat Banerjee, Bibek Ray Chaudhuri

A customer-focused approach to improve celebrity endorser effectiveness
–Brad D. Carlson, D. Todd Donavan, George D. Deitz, Brittney C. Bauer, Vishal Lala

The implicit sensory association test (ISAT): A measurement approach for sensory perception
–Janina Haase, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

Does customer participation hurt new product development performance? Customer role, product newness, and conflict
–Liwen Wang, Jason Lu Jin, Kevin Zheng Zhou, Caroline Bingxin Li, Eden Yin

Inferring brand integrity from marketing communications: The effects of brand transparency signals in a consumer empowerment context
–Fanny Cambier, Ingrid Poncin

Unbalanced data, type II error, and nonlinearity in predicting M&A failure
–Kangbok Lee, Sunghoon Joo, Hyeoncheol Baik, Sumin Han, Joonhwan In

The role of the store in managing postpurchase complaints for omnichannel shoppers
–Maria-Jose Miquel-Romero, Marta Frasquet, Alejandro Molla-Descals

Demand and willingness for knowledge transfer in springboard subsidiaries of Chinese multinationals
–Cong Su, Lingshuang Kong, Francesco Ciabuschi, Ulf Holm

‘If I give you my emotion, what do I get?’ Conceptualizing and measuring the co-created emotional value of the brand
–Michela Mingione, Matteo Cristofaro, Daniele Mondi

Explicating place identity attitudes, place architecture attitudes, and identification triad theory
–Mohammad Mahdi Foroudi, John M.T. Balmer, Weifeng Chen, Pantea Foroudi, Paschalia Patsala

Do the pieces fit? Assessing the configuration effects of promotion attributes
–Ling Peng, Geng Cui, Yuho Chung

In pursuit of goodwill? The cross-level effects of social enterprise consumer behaviours
–Juin-Ming Tsai, Shiu-Wan Hung, Ting-Ting Yang

The impact of religiosity and corruption on CSR reporting: The case of U.S. banks
–Antonios Chantziaras, Emmanouil Dedoulis, Vassiliki Grougiou, Stergios Leventis

Examining the effects of mutual information sharing and relationship empathy: A social penetration theory perspective
–Stephanie M. Mangus, Dora E. Bock, Eli Jones, Judith Anne Garretson Folse

Media attention to large-scale corporate scandals: Hype and boredom in the age of social media
–Ralf Barkemeyer, Christophe Faugère, Olivier Gergaud, Lutz Preuss

Transformational leadership and work unit innovation: A dyadic two-wave investigation
–Maura Sheehan, Thomas N. Garavan, Michael J. Morley

Corporate identity orientation and disorientation: A complexity theory perspective
–Luke Devereux, T.C. Melewar, Keith Dinnie, Thomas Lange

One dollar CEOs
–Gilberto Loureiro, Anil K. Makhija, Dan Zhang

A grounded theory study of factors and conditions associated with customer trust recovery in a retailer
–Branko Božic, Sabina Siebert, Graeme Martin

Does gamification affect brand engagement and equity? A study in online brand communities
–Nannan Xi, Juho Hamari

Does perceived treatment of unfamiliar employees affect consumer brand attitudes? Social dominance ideologies reveal who cares the most and why
–Matthew A. Maxwell-Smith, Tiffany Barnett White, Denise Lewin Loyd

Examining the effects of celebrity trust on advertising credibility, brand credibility and corporate credibility
–Shahzeb Hussain, T.C. Melewar, Constantinos-Vasilios Priporas, Pantea Foroudi, Charles Dennis

Architectural agency in intra-organizational networks
–Cristiano de Oliveira Maciel, Raul Zanon Rocha Netto

Orienting toward sales growth? Decomposing the variance attributed to three fundamental organizational strategic orientations
–William Wales, Tatiana Beliaeva, Galina Shirokova, Tatiana R. Stettler, Vishal K. Gupta

Illusions of truth—Experimental insights into human and algorithmic detections of fake online reviews
–Daria Plotkina, Andreas Munzel, Jessie Pallud

Role of HRM in knowledge integration: Towards a conceptual framework
–Ashish Malik, Fabian Jintae Froese, Piyush Sharma

The 1 in 1,000,000: Context effects of how numbers cue different kinds of incidental environmental anchoring in marketing communications
–Cenk Koças, Kivilcim Dogerlioglu-Demir

Examining the link between marketing controls and firm performance: The mediating effect of market-focused learning capability
–Xiaoning Liang, Johanna Frösén

From recreation to responsibility: Increasing environmentally responsible behavior in tourism
–Lujun Su, Maxwell K. Hsu, Robert E. Boostrom

Effects of co-creation on organizational performance of small and medium manufacturers
–Dong W. Kim, Silvana Trimi, Soon G. Hong, Seongbae Lim

“The struggle isn’t real”: How need for cognitive closure moderates inferences from disfluency
–Ruomeng Wu, Esta D. Shah, Frank R. Kardes

New conceptualization and measurement of corporate identity: Evidence from UK food and beverage industry
–Marwa Tourky, Sharifah Faridah Syed Alwi, Philip Kitchen, T.C. Melewar, Ahmed Shaalan

Partners in crime? The impact of consumers’ culpability for corporate social irresponsibility on their boycott attitude
–Sabrina Scheidler, Laura Marie Edinger-Schons

Moving forward: The effectiveness of online apologies framed with hope on negative behavioural intentions in crises
–Yi Xiao, Verolien Cauberghe, Liselot Hudders

The application of multi-criteria decision analysis methods into talent identification process: A social psychological perspective
–Yi-Ling Lai, Alessio Ishizaka

Concentrate or disperse? The relationship between major customer concentration and supplier profitability and the moderating role of insider ownership
–Kiho Kwak, Namil Kim