J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 162(3)



Tax Fairness: Conceptual Foundations and Empirical Measurement
— Jonathan Farrar, Dawn W. Massey, Errol Osecki & Linda Thorne

Think Tanks, Business and Civil Society: The Ethics of Promoting Pro-corporate Ideologies
— Amon Barros & Scott Taylor

Cheating in Business: A Metaethical Perspective
— Marian Eabrasu

Understanding Economic Inequality Through the Lens of Caste
— Hari Bapuji & Snehanjali Chrispal

‘Doing Dignity Work’: Indian Security Guards’ Interface with Precariousness
— Ernesto Noronha, Saikat Chakraborty & Premilla D’Cruz

‘Consuming Good’ on Social Media: What Can Conspicuous Virtue Signalling on Facebook Tell Us About Prosocial and Unethical Intentions?
— Elaine Wallace, Isabel Buil & Leslie de Chernatony

The Ethics of Engagement in an Age of Austerity: A Paradox Perspective
— Helen Francis & Anne Keegan

Denial of Corruption: Voluntary Disclosure of Bribery Information
— Susana Gago-Rodríguez, Gilberto Márquez-Illescas & Manuel Núñez-Nickel

What is a Fair Level of Profit for Social Enterprise? Insights from Microfinance
— Marek Hudon, Marc Labie & Patrick Reichert

Boiling the Frog Slowly: The Immersion of C-Suite Financial Executives into Fraud
— Ikseon Suh, John T. Sweeney, Kristina Linke & Joseph M. Wall

Does Religiosity Matter to Value Relevance? Evidence from U.S. Banking Firms
— Lamia Chourou

Temporal Spaces of Egalitarianism: The Ethical Negation of Economic Inequality in an Ephemeral Religious Organization
— Ateeq A. Rauf & Ajnesh Prasad

How to Overcome Structural Injustice? Social Connectedness and the Tenet of Subsidiarity
— Michael S. Aßländer

Correction to: How do Consumers Reconcile Positive and Negative CSR-Related Information to Form an Ethical Brand Perception? A Mixed Method Inquiry
— Katja H. Brunk & Cara de Boer