Disruptive Social Marketing

by Charles Hofacker


Disruptive Social Marketing: Distopia, Disconnection and Disruption, Special issue of RAUSP Management Journal; Deadline 30 May 2020


Author: Hamilton C. Carvalho

We invite consumer researchers with interest in social problems to submit a paper for RAUSP special edition on social marketing (“Disruptive social marketing: distopia, disconnection and disruption”).

RAUSP is a major Brazilian journal (see more below) published by Emerald and indexed in the Scopus database. To have a sample of the high quality of its publications, please see the last edition here


We invite provocative contributions in topics such as:

  • Advancing theory in social marketing to incorporate elements from other disciplines and from new developments in mainstream marketing, such as customer centricity, customer experience and ecosystem marketing
  • Disruptive theories and practices
  • Systemic perspectives to behavior and social change
  • st century’s challenges: how to conceptualize, measure and tackle them?
  • PPP (poor people problems) and social marketing
  • Critical social marketing: how to really make a dent in wicked problems, such as corruption, diabetes, poverty and climate change?
  • Models of social change
  • Social marketing and upstream approaches to change irrational beliefs
  • Social business models applied to complex social problems
  • Social innovation models.

Deadline and requirements

Deadline is May, 30th, 2020.

See the requirements for submission here



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If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Hamilton Carvalho at hccarvalho@gmail.com.