Digital Gaming and Marketing


Special issue of Psychology and Marketing; Deadline 30 May 2020


Author: Anwar Sadat Shimul

Psychology and Marketing Special Issue
“Digital Gaming and Marketing”

Paper submission deadline: May 30th, 2020

The global gaming industry, especially the digital game market, has grown rapidly in recent years broadening consumer concepts of “play,” and on occasion, blurring age-old distinctions between “play” and “work.” Innovation in hardware and software development combined with creativity in marketing has spurred diverse business models (e.g., freemium, streaming, remakes, franchises) each aimed at individual or collective player bases. Advances in virtual reality technology, as well as technological advances in connectivity and processing power have spawned a proliferation of innovative console, online, and mobile games, with a seemingly endless array of new forms of games (such as advergames, augmented reality games, and social media games) designed to cater to current and emerging market segments (such as individual gaming, social gaming, work gaming, and e-sports). Although issues pertinent to the marketing and consumption of digital games has attracted the attention of researchers in varied disciplines (including psychology, marketing, sociology, anthropology, information technology, and media studies), much remains to be learned. The objective of this Special Issue is to deepen our present understanding of sundry aspects of the marketing of contemporary digital games through means as varied as theoretical and conceptual explorations, methodological studies, case studies, literature reviews, and participant-observation research. A non-exhaustive listing of topics of interest would include state-of-the-art papers on digital games technology (for leisure, work, health, self-improvement, e-sports,simulation, etc.), digital game players (motivation, segmentation, lifestyles, sensory experience, etc.), and the marketing of digital games (including consideration of factors such as communication, sponsorships, and branding).

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Professor Ian Phau, Curtin University

Dr Luke Butcher, Curtin University

Dr Anwar Sadat Shimul, Curtin University

Dr Isaac Cheah, Curtin University

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