Online ISBM B2B Seminar

by Charles Hofacker


Establishing Causality: A Multi-Method Approach; Deadline 4 Mar 2020


Author: Lori Nicolini

Spring 2020 ISBM IPSS PhD Seminar Offering

ISBM PhD Seminar Series (IPSS) will be offering one course during Spring 2020.  Establishing Causality:  A Multi-Method Approach will be taught by Professors Mahima Hada, Baruch College and Alok Saboo, Georgia State University.

This course is designed to expose Ph.D. students to a multi-method approach to establish causality, especially in the context of inter-firm relationships. Causal inference is an increasingly important issue that you will confront in conducting your own research and in evaluating the research of others. We will discuss two approaches for causal inference in the course. First, experiments, the gold standard for internal validity, have typically been ignored as a method in inter-firm/B2B research; half of this course will focus on how to conduct experiments in B2B settings, not using undergrad students as respondents. However, not all research questions lend themselves to experimental studies. Thus, the second half of the course focuses on empirical strategies that provide causal interpretation. The students will be required to submit a final research idea that uses a mix of methods (experimental and econometric) to establish causality.

This seminar will be held on Fridays from 12:00PM – 2:00PM ET beginning on March 6. Registrations and application materials should be received by Wednesday, March 4.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to Lori Nicolini (LNicolini@psu.edu).