All about ELMAR

What Is ELMAR?

ELMAR is a free resource offered by the American Marketing Association to the marketing academic community around the world.

The audience for ELMAR consists of marketing professors and others interested in the study and teaching of marketing.

ELMAR is open to all; AMA members and non-members alike.

Postings made via ELMAR are moderated. Postings generally include announcements, calls, news, job openings, journal tables of contents, and dialog.  Ads meant to attract new PhD students are not posted, nor are posts containing personal attacks. Here is some information on how to post, including job postings.

How to Subscribe

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The ELMAR Weekly Rhythm

Different types of content get posted on different days of the week:

MondayRevisits, awards, events, dialog, journal news, obituaries
TuesdayTables of contents
WednesdayJob notices
ThursdayAwards, events, dialog, journal news, obituaries
Friday – Calls for conference, for journals, and other outlets

ELMAR on Social Media

Twitter – https://twitter.com/ELMAR_Moderator
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ELMARModerator

Title and Introduction

The moderator reserves the right to write the posting title, the email title and the email blurb. Nevertheless you should feel free to make suggestions.

In Summary

Of course I would be happy to answer questions or receive suggestions at elmar@ama.org [-ch].