TOC: Canadian J Admin Sciences


Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 37(1)

Special issue title: The Brave New World: How Shopping and Consumption is Evolving with Technology
Guest editors: Kelley Main & Miranda Goode, eds.

Introduction to the Special Issue – The Brave New World: How shopping and consumption is evolving with technology
Miranda Goode and Kelley Main

The virtual takeover: The influence of virtual reality on consumption
Raymond Lavoie and Corey King

Media technology shifts: Exploring millennial consumers’ fashion-information- seeking behaviors and motivations
Aimee Jones and Jiyun Kang

Co-presence and mobile apps: Technology’s impact on being with others
Amélie Clauzel, Caroline Riché, Bénédicte Le Hegarat and Romain Zerbib

Understanding the barriers and factors associated with consumer adoption of wearable technology devices in managing personal health
Ksenia Sergueeva, Norman Shaw and Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee

Special issue title: Digital innovations, impacts on marketing, value chain, and business models
Guest editors: Jean-Michel Sahut, Léo-Paul Dana, & Michel Laroche, eds.

Digital innovations, impacts on marketing, value chain and business models: An introduction
Jean-Michel Sahut, Léo-Paul Dana and Michel Laroche

Claiming a family brand identity: The role of website storytelling
Bonnie F. Canziani, Dianne H.B. Welsh, Léo-Paul Dana and Veland Ramadani

Exploring consumer attitudes to online collaborative consumption: A typology of collaborative consumer profiles
Yousra Hallem, Wissal Ben Arfi and Frédéric Teulon

How mobile technologies support business models: Case study-based empirical analysis
Marta Peris-Ortiz, Carlos Devece and Lubica Hikkerova