TOC: J Macromar


Journal of Macromarketing, 40(1)

Perspectives on Macromarketing in the African Context: Introduction to the Special Issue
Journal of Macromarketing; [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Rock On, Macromarketing!
Mark Peterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market Development for African Endogenous Products
Falylath Babah Daouda, Philip Barth, and Paul T. M. Ingenbleek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumption of Bottled Water at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Who Purchases First?
Rachel Howell, Kinsuk Mani Sinha, Natascha Wagner, Neelke Doorn, and Cees van Beers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brokering Intercultural Relations in the Rainbow Nation: Introducing Intercultural Marketing
Lizette Vorster, Eva Kipnis, Gaye Bebek, and Catherine Demangeot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Biogeographical Foundations of African Marketing Systems
Paul T. M. Ingenbleek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Informal Cross Border Trade as a Substratum Marketing System: A Review and Conceptual Framework
Eldrede Kahiya and Djavlonbek Kadirov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building Trustworthy Relationships with Smallholder(Small-scale) Agro-commodity Suppliers: Insights from the Ghana Cocoa Industry
Richard Glavee-Geo, Umar Burki, and Arnt Buvik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


The Global Refugee Crisis: Pathway for a More Humanitarian Solution
Clifford Shultz, Andrés Barrios, Alexander V. Krasnikov, Ingrid Becker, Aronté M. Bennett, Renu Emile, Maria Hokkinen, Julia R. Pennington, Marcos Santos, and Jaime Sierra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

The Road to Wicked: The Marketing & Consumption of Oz from L. Frank Baum to Broadway
Laurie A. Meamber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]