TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 23(1)

Incentives in experiments with objective lotteries
Yaron Azrieli, Christopher P. Chambers & Paul J. Healy

Where to look for the morals in markets?
Matthias Sutter, Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler, Matthias Stefan & Markus Walzl

Do economic inequalities affect long-run cooperation and prosperity?
Gabriele Camera, Cary Deck & David Porter

Voting on the threat of exclusion in a public goods experiment
Astrid Dannenberg, Corina Haita-Falah & Sonja Zitzelsberger

Auctions in near-continuous time
Cary Deck & Bart J. Wilson

Dynamic runs and circuit breakers: an experiment
Jacopo Magnani & David Munro

Strategic decisions: behavioral differences between CEOs and others
Håkan J. Holm, Victor Nee & Sonja Opper

Efficiency versus gender roles and stereotypes: an experiment in domestic production
Hélène Couprie, Elisabeth Cudeville & Catherine Sofer

Decentralized matching markets with(out) frictions: a laboratory experiment
Joana Pais, Ágnes Pintér & Róbert F. Veszteg

The effects of conflict budget on the intensity of conflict: an experimental investigation
Kyung Hwan Baik, Subhasish M. Chowdhury & Abhijit Ramalingam