The Platform Revolution


Its Impact on Marketing, NEOMA Business School, 9-13 Jul 2020; Deadline 15 Apr

International Symposium/Workshop

The Impact of Platform Revolution on Marketing

Call for Paper or Abstract

July 9-13, 2020, NEOMA Business School, Reims, France

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2020

Symposium Co-chairs

  • Professor Cheng Lu Wang, Department of Marketing, University of New Haven, Special Issue Guest Editor of Journal of Business Research
  • Professor Fue Zeng, Wuhan University, China, Special Issue Guest Editor of Journal of Business Research
  • Professor Gaël Bonnin, Professor in Marketing, Head of Smart Product and Consumption Research Institute (SPoC), Director of Research NEOMA Business School
  • Professor Amy Song, Department of Marketing, NEOMA Business School

The advancement of new technology and Internet leads to a growing trend of platform revolution that has changed business model from a linear supply chain pipeline to a platform, which is a complex network of producers and users in an interconnected ecosystem. The platform revolution has shifted business from resource control to resource orchestration, from internal optimization to external interaction and from a focus on customer value to a focus on ecosystem value.

To enhance our knowledge and facilitate further research on platform in marketing, we invite marketing and management scholars around the world to present their abstracts or working papers in this international symposium/workshop, which will be held at NEOMA Business School, Reims Campus, France, July 9-13, 2020. The symposium/workshop is in line with, but broader than, the theme and topics of the Journal of Business Research Special Issue (see the link JBR Special Issue). Authors who intend to submit their manuscript to this JBR special issue and other SSCI journals in related areas are particularly encouraged to attend the symposium, which provides authors a better chance to receive feedback and constructive comments from peer researchers and special issue guest editors. Meanwhile, all researchers and practitioners in the related fields (Marketing, Management, Economics, Psychology and Sociology) are more than welcome to attend the symposium and disseminate their knowledge and cutting-edge research findings. The topics include, but not limited to, the impact of platform revolution on all aspects of marketing, including B2C, B2B, C2B and C2C and emerging topics such as rising trend of prosumers, social media advertising and platform brands in ecosystem.

  • Supply chain management (e.g., from internal resources and JIT to external or shared resources)
  • Consumer behavior (from consumers to prosumers, the blurring role of buyers and sellers, users and producers)
  • Communication and advertising (from marketer generated content to user generated content in social media platform)
  • Brand management (from product-based brand to platform-based brand)

The aims of the symposium/workshop are to:

  • Meet and share research in the platform related marketing field with special issue guest editors and other researchers
  • Enable authors to present, discuss and receive feedback on their papers prior to final submission to the special issue of JBR and possible another SSCI journal.
  • Improve the quality of papers and ultimately maximize authors’ chances of final acceptance in the special issues.
  • Interact with scholars and business practitioners in professional networks

This symposium registration fee is USD$350 (for early bird) before May 30, 2020 and $400 for on-site registration. The registration fee for graduate students is $250. Papers presented in the conference will be fully considered for publication in the JBR special issue and/or other SSCI journals if they (1) fit the theme of the special issue(s) and (2) meet the quality of publication standard after revision based on feedback from the symposium/workshop and from reviewers in the journal’s online submission system.

Key information:

  • Deadline for submission of paper/work in progress/abstract to the symposium/workshop: April 15, 2020.
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent out before or by May 1, 2020
  • The symposium/workshop is during July 9-13, 2020, plus one-day field trip to visit local businesses. Please register your symposium attendance as soon as possible but no later than May 30, 2020.

Either full papers/work in progress or abstracts for the symposium/workshop should be submitted to the Professor Cheng Lu Wang, the co-chair of the symposium at

Secretary of Organizing Committee:

Nakia Pearson,, +33 3 26 35 09 58

More detail of conference and hotel information will be available soon at the conference website (TBA).