Morpharooney Part Deux


Further details on what the change to ELMAR will look and feel like

This is the second in a series of useful albeit potentially annoying technical updates.

The transition to the new platform will occcur in late February. We have tentatively circled 25 Feb but the date might float between now and then.

The new platform does not have an option for weekly or monthly digests. I apologize to those who strongly prefer those options.

Your subscription address will be migrated behind the scenes. You will not have to do anything special to receive emails after Morpharooney Day (M-Day). The email subject, the other headers, and the email body will look somewhat differently however.

A good chunk of recent ELMAR content will be migrated along with our subscriptions.

You will be able to click through any of the email links to read the full posting without logging in, just like today.

If you need to do an adminstrative task like change your email address, you will need to do some clicking to request an automatic password reset via the system.

I won’t have direct access to the subscriber list like I do now. AMA customer service will handle any complications involving your password or subscription.

Note that just like today, you will not need to be an AMA member to subscribe to ELMAR or to request help. There will be no subscription fee or other fees.

The new software stack will be anchored by WordPress with a plug-in from Mailchimp. These tools are used by hundreds of thousands of large organizations. Our platform should prove reliable with the only possible exception being random episodes of slapdash typing by your friendly moderator.

In the long term we hope that the flexibility of the new platform will lead to improvements in the usefulness, usability and aesthetics of the ELMAR consumption experience.