TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 41(2)

Cog in the wheel: Resource release and the scope of interdependencies in corporate adjustment activities
Dongil D. Keum

A contingency perspective on imitation strategies: When is “benchmarking” ineffective?
Hart E. Posen, Sangyoon Yi, Jeho Lee

The role of relationship scope in sustaining relational contracts in interfirm networks
Nicholas Argyres, Janet Bercovitz, Giorgio Zanarone

When your problem becomes my problem: The impact of airline IT disruptions on on-time performance of competing airlines
C. Jennifer Tae, Min-Seok Pang, Brad N. Greenwood

The effects of multimarket contact on partner selection for technology cooperation
Wonsang Ryu, Jeffrey J. Reuer, Thomas H. Brush

Do firms use corporate social responsibility to insure against stock price risk? Evidence from a natural experiment
Yonghong Jia, Xinghua Gao, Scott Julian

The impact of hiring directors’ choice-supportive bias and escalation of commitment on CEO compensation and dismissal following poor performance: A multimethod study
Michelle L. Zorn, Kaitlyn DeGhetto, David J. Ketchen Jr, James G. Combs