TOC: Musem Marketization


Cultural Institutions in the Neoliberal Era

Book edited by Karin M. Ekström

Introduction, Karin M. Ekström.

PART I: Marketization of cultural institutions: tensions between arts and business.

1 Ref lections on the marketization of art in contemporary neoliberal capitalism
Kirsi Eräranta, Johanna Moisander, and Visa Penttilä

2 High-end contemporary art: art for art’s sake or art for mart’s sake?
Russell Belk

3 The marketization of regional film production: a strategy for economic growth
Roger Blomgren.

4 Between market and culture: the case of the Gothenburg Book Fair
Elena Raviola, Jaan Grünberg, Josef Pallas, and Claes Thorén

PART II: Market orientation of museums: redefining the museum’s role

5 Cultural policy effects on the marketing orientation in London art museums
Victoria D. Alexander

6 Art, finance, politics, and the art museum as a public institution
Derrick Chong

7 Hip heritage and heritage pasts: tensions when re-fashioning museum culture
Lizette Gradén and Tom O´Dell

8 Market orientation as the epicentre of art museums: museum shops, fashion exhibitions and private collections
Karin M. Ekström

PART III: Cultural institutions and marketing tools: branding and sponsorship.

9 Sparkling museums: the marketization of art institutions in the heritage city
Fabrizio Panozzo

10 Country branding through the arts: the role of museums in positioning a nation on the global market
Victoria Rodner, Chloe Preece, and Yu-Chien Chang

11 Integrated partnerships in cultural sponsorship: the cases of Guggenheim-UBS and MFA Boston-Fleet
Ragnar Lund and Stephen A. Greyser

12 A history of cultural sponsorship in Sweden: a new market in marketing
Marcus Gianneschi and Oskar Broberg