TOC: J Strat Mar


Journal of Strategic Marketing, 28(1)

Applying FCM to predict the behaviour of loyal customers in the mobile telecommunications industry

Ioannis Rizomyliotis, Athanasios Poulis, Giovanis Apostolos, Kleopatra Konstantoulaki & Ioannis Kostopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating particularized trust in e-retailers through experiential value and generalized trust

Ernest Emeka Izogo, Chanaka Jayawardhena & Eunice Abimbola Adegbola [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building consumer?brand relationships through brand experience and brand identification

Vikas Kumar & Arun K. Kaushik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing destinations: the impact of destination personality on consumer attitude

Seyedamir Sharifsamet, Hyun Seung Jin & Brett Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Frontline health professionals? perceptions of their adaptive competences in service recovery

Lisa McQuilken, Nichola Robertson, Ghassan Abbas & Michael Polonsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]