Sponsorship Accountability


The Marketing Accountability Standards Board is making articles available on the accountability of sponsorships


MASB, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, has published a series of articles that share recommendations to improve the accountability of sponsorships, identifying practices across this continuum that improve value. MASB takes a measurement approach that is independent, objective and marketer directed, and offers guidance on mid-funnel ROO measures that make quantification of sponsorship return attainable. 

The Sponsorship Accountability Series includes:

Part 1: overview of the current state of sponsorship use and management. 

Part 2: explores the long-term nature of sponsorship relationships and the resulting importance of fit between properties and brands. 

Part 3
: establishes the importance of developing the business case for sponsorship as well as contractual considerations. 

Part 4
: sets forth best practices in sponsorship stewardship and activation. 

Part 5:
the measurement of sponsorships. 

Part 6 is scheduled for release later this month, following the Super Bowl. Visit themasb.org for more information.