LINKS Global Marketing Competition


Marketing Simulation and Team Contest, Mar-Apr 2020; Registration deadline 1 Mar

The 2020 LINKS Global Marketing Competition is scheduled for March-April 2020. The LINKS Marketing Simulation is used in the LINKS Global Marketing Competition.

LINKS Global Marketing Competition Highlights:

  • Cross-Institution 6-Round Marketing Simulation Competition
  • Your Student Teams Compete Against Student Teams From Other Institutions
  • Challenges Students in an Intense Team-Based Cross-Institution Competition
  • For Students in Academic Degree-Granting Programs Worldwide
  • Targeted at Upper-Level Undergraduates and All MBAs

Further details about the March-April 2020 LINKS Global Marketing Competition (scheduling, student eligibility, costs, and registration procedure) are accessible via the Global Competition link on the LINKS Simulations website:

The registration signup and payment deadline for the 2020 LINKS Global Marketing Competition is March 1, 2020.

Participating in a LINKS Global Marketing Competition is an alternative instructional/learning opportunity to the traditional usage of LINKS within a single instructor’s course (i.e., an event with students from a single course conducted according to the course instructor’s preferred scheduling).

Faculty members with questions about the LINKS Global Marketing Competition, are invited to contact Randy Chapman, the LINKS author (

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