RCMIB 2020

by Mohammad Tayeenul Hoque


Regional Conference on Marketing and International Business, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 19-20 Apr 2020; Abstract deadline 15 Feb

RCMIB: April 19th to 20th,2020

The Department of Marketing & International Business at North South University will be arranging its first regional marketing conference on April 19-20, 2020 at the NSU premises in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The conference will provide opportunities for high level interaction among participants interested in marketing strategy and international marketing arena. We would also appreciate diverse methodologies, including experimental research, survey research, conceptual and/or theoretical developments, or other methods relevant to the study of marketing strategy and international business.

In today’s fast paced world, the marketplace has become increasingly dynamic due to the advancement of globalization, information technology, and cross border investment. As a result, both academic and business research is more concerned on unfolding complexity in contemporary international marketing issues. For instance, recent development in big data phenomenon is an evolving frontier for practice and academic research to offer better value proposition in international competitive marketplace. However, the knowledge of big data as a tool for driving international business success and revolutionizing the thought process is yet to be explored through academic research. There are numerous such developments which require rigorous research and therefore, opens up opportunities for researchers. By considering complexities in international markets and limitations in current marketing literature, the Department of Marketing and International Business of NSU along with partner institutions, BML Munjal University and IFIM Bangalore, is going to host the regional marketing conference at NSU premises on April 19-20, 2020.

The conference will explore new perspectives on how continuous and ubiquitous international marketing strategies can facilitate overcoming the complexities in international marketing domain. The conference will be beneficial for both academicians and practitioners to address different contemporary marketing strategies suitable for applying in real world context.

The RCMIB 2020 conference seeks exciting and rigorous research that is truly multidisciplinary and methodologically diverse in the field of marketing and international business. This conference emphasizes the issues of ‘Rethinking the Contemporary Complexity in Marketing and International Business: Understanding the Global Market Place’.