TOC: J Prod Innov Man


Journal of Product Innovation Management, 37(1)

Motivation Gaps and Implementation Traps: The Paradoxical and Time-Varying Effects of Family Ownership on Firm Absorptive Capacity
Josip Kotlar, Alfredo De Massis, Federico Frattini, Nadine Kammerlander

Mitigating the Challenges of Partner Knowledge Diversity While Enhancing Research & Development (R&D) Alliance Performance: The Role of Alliance Governance Mechanisms
Jeongho Choi

The Role of Departmental Thought Worlds in Shaping Escalation of Commitment in New Product Development Projects
Alexander Weeth, Jana-Kristin Prigge, Christian Homburg

The Impact of Failure and Success Experience on Drug Development
Antonio Garzón-Vico, Jan Rosier, Patrick Gibbons, Peter McNamara

Toward a Contingent Model of Mirroring Between Product and Organization: A Knowledge Management Perspective
Ezekiel Leo