TOC: J Interactive Adv


Journal of Interactive Advertising, 19(3)

Investigating Consumer Engagement with Influencer- vs. Brand-Promoted Ads: The Roles of Source and Disclosure
Chen Lou, Sang-Sang Tan & Xiaoyu Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ Privacy Concern and Privacy Protection on Social Network Sites in the Era of Big Data: Empirical Evidence from College Students
Wenjing Xie & Kavita Karan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Section: Digital Gaming & Gamification

Digital Game Advertising (IGA and Advergames): Not All Fun and Games
Vincent J. Cicchirillo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advertising in Digital Games: A Bibliometric Review
Gunwoo Yoon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Suspense in Gaming: Inducing Consumers’ Game Enjoyment
Julie Guidry Moulard, Michael Kroff, Kathrynn Pounders & Cassandra Ditt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customizing the Win: Demonstrating a Positive Way to Consumer Brand Attitude
Matthew S. Eastin, Jose Jorge Netto, Fangxin Xu, Jung Ah Lee & Amanda Mabry-Flynn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]