TOC: Con Psych Rev


Consumer Psychology Review, 3(1)

The 3 C’s of anthropomorphism: Connection, comprehension, and competition
Linyun W. Yang, Pankaj Aggarwal, Ann L. McGill

Consumers’ pursuit of material and experiential purchases: A review
Thomas Gilovich, Iñigo Gallo

How online word-of-mouth impacts receivers
Sarah G. Moore, Katherine C. Lafreniere

Consumer psychology of implicit theories: A review and agenda
Shailendra Pratap Jain, Traylor Jordan Weiten

Beyond outcomes: How regulatory focus motivates consumer goal pursuit processes
E. Tory Higgins, Emily Nakkawita, James F. M. Cornwell

Self-control: Information, priorities, and resources
Juliano Laran

Psychological distance in consumer psychology: Consequences and antecedents
Sam J. Maglio

A contemporary review of three types of social influence in consumer psychology
Jennifer J. Argo