Revisit: New Social Media Marketing Strategies


Special issue South Asian Journal Business Studies; Deadline now 31 Jan 2020

New Social Media Marketing Strategies
Special Issue: South Asian Journal of Business Studies
Submission Deadline: January 31, 2020

South Asian Journal of Business Studies is inviting papers that provide fresh rigorous perspectives based on solid theoretical or conceptual grounding. We are interested in both quantitative and qualitative submissions, as well as conceptual or empirical contributions, as long as they pertain to new social marketing strategies in South Asia. The following research issues are highlighted for illustrative purposes only, but are certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list of topics:

  1. Social media analytics to gain better insight (special interest in unstructured data analytics)
  2. Tracking competitors through social media
  3. Influencer marketing in social media
  4. Customer engagement in social media
  5. Building conversions through social media
  6. Marketing/corporate communication in social media
  7. Public Relations in social media
  8. Crisis management through social media
  9. Branding/brand repositioning strategies in social media
  10. Improving social media marketing ROI
  11. Strategies for developing social media channel portfolios
  12. Social media marketing team building
  13. Consumer Responses to Price and Price Related Promotions on Social Media

Given that there is limited quality research on new social media marketing strategies in South Asia, the editors of this special issue are looking to cast a wide net. As such, other topics relevant to new social media marketing strategies in South Asia will also be considered.

All submissions will be expected to follow SAJBS guidelines for authors.

Guest Editors:

Jorge E. Fresneda,
Rajesh Chandrashekaran,

Full Information available at: