TOC: MIS Quart


MIS Quarterly, 43(3)

Editor’s Comments: the first revision
Rai Arun [Publisher]

The sociotechnical axis of cohesion for the IS discipline: its historical legacy and its continued relevance
Sarker Suprateek , Chatterjee Sutirtha , Xiao Xiao and Elbanna Amany [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing real-time feedback for bidders in homogeneous-item continuous combinatorial auctions
Adomavicius Gediminas , Gupta Alok and Yang Mochen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Operationalizing regulatory focus in the digital age: evidence from an e-commerce context
Wu Ji , Huang Liqiang and Zhao J. Leon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The right music at the right time: adaptive personalized playlists based on sequence modeling
Liebman Elad , Saar-Tsechansky Maytal and Stone Peter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal market entry timing for successive generations of technological innovations
Jiang Zhengrui , Qu Xinxue Shawn and Jain Dipak C. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using polynomial modeling to understand service quality in e–government websites
Nishant Rohit , Srivastava Shirish C. and Teo Thompson S. H. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mobile app recommendation: an involvement-enhanced approach
He Jiangning , Fang Xiao , Liu Hongyan and Li Xindan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An fMRI exploration of information processing in electronic networks of practice
Meservy Thomas O. Fadel Kelly J. Kirwan C. Brock and Meservy Rayman D. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional logics and pluralistic responses to enterprise system implementation: a qualitative meta-analysis
Berente Nicholas , Lyytinen Kalle , Yoo Youngjin and Maurer Chris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Children’s internet addiction, family-to-work conflict, and job outcomes: a study of parent–child dyads
Venkatesh Viswanath , Sykes Tracy Ann , Chan Frank K. Y. Thong James Y. L. and Hu Paul Jen-Hwa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can outsourcing of information technology foster innovations in client organizations? an empirical analysis
Susarla Anjana and Mukhopadhyay Tridas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developer centrality and the impact of value congruence and incongruence on commitment and code contribution activity in open source software communities
Maruping Likoebe M. Daniel Sherae L. and Cataldo Marcelo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contextual explanation: alternative approaches and persistent challenges
Avgerou Chrisanthi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology as routine capability
Swanson E. Burton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Says who? the effects of presentation format and source rating on fake news in social media
Kim Antino and Dennis Alan R. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]