TOC: Intl J Res Mar


International Journal of Research in Marketing, 36(4

Strategic orientation and firm risk
Abhi Bhattacharya, Shekhar Misra, Hanieh Sardashti

Catalogue as a tool for reinforcing habits: Empirical evidence from a multichannel retailer
Tanya Mark, Jan Bulla, Rakesh Niraj, Ingo Bulla, Wolfgang Schwarzwäller

The aesthetic fidelity effect
Annika Wiecek, Daniel Wentzel, Jan R. Landwehr

Serial product evaluations online: A three-factor model of leadership, fluency and tedium during product search
Erik Maier

The distinct influence of power distance perception and power distance values on customer satisfaction in response to loyalty programs
Jessie J. Wang, Ashok K. Lalwani

The multichannel pricing dilemma: Do consumers accept higher offline than online prices?
Christian Homburg, Karin Lauer, Arnd Vomberg

A model of product compatibility introduction with consumer recognition
Yuansheng Wei, Pei Huang

Political ideology and brand attachment
Eugene Y. Chan, Jasmina Ilicic

Composing tweets to increase retweets
Nima Y. Jalali, Purushottam Papatla

Nostalgia marketing and (re-)enchantment
Benjamin J. Hartmann, Katja H. Brunk