TOC: Dec Sciences


Decision Sciences, 50(6)

Behavioral Operations and Supply Chain Management–A Review and Literature Mapping
Behnam Fahimnia, Mehrdokht Pournader, Enno Siemsen, Elliot Bendoly, Charles Wang

Modeling (and Learning from) Inventory Inaccuracies in E-retailing/B2B contexts
Yacine Rekik, Aris A. Syntetos, Christoph H. Glock

Historical Supplier Performance and Strategic Relationship Dissolution: Unintentional but Serious Supplier Error as a Moderator
Yi-Su Chen, M. Johnny Rungtusanatham, Susan Meyer Goldstein

Component Procurement for an Assembly Supply Chain with Random Capacities and Random Demand
Xinyan Cao, Xiang Fang

Multiperiod Stochastic Resource Planning in Professional Services Organizations
Stanislaus Solomon, Haitao Li, Keith Womer, Cipriano Santos

Supply Chain Network Redesign: A Technical Note on Optimising Financial Performance
Hamed Jahani, Babak Abbasi, Srinivas Talluri