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Customer Needs and Solutions, 6(3/4)


Marketing and Politics: Strange Bedfellows no More
David A. Schweidel & Neil Bendle

Marketing Scholars and Political Marketing: the Pragmatic and Principled Reasons for Why Marketing Academics Should Research the Use of Marketing in the Political Arena
Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Empirical Research on Political Marketing: a Selected Review
Mitchell J. Lovett

Data, Dollars and Votes: the intersection of Politics and Marketing On Marketing Strategy in Electoral Politics
Sridhar Moorthy

Examining Brand Strength of Political Candidates: a Performance Premium Approach
Beth L. Fossen, David A. Schweidel & Michael Lewis

The Consumer Response to Corporate Political Advocacy: a Review and Future Directions
Chris Hydock, Neeru Paharia & T. J. Weber

Technological Workforce and Its Impact on Algorithmic Justice in Politics
Jerome D. Williams, David Lopez, Patrick Shafto & Kyungwon Lee