AMS Review, 9(3/4)


Moving forward…
Stephen L. Vargo

About time in marketing: an assessment of the study of time and conceptual framework
Jeffrey R. Carlson, William T. Ross, Robin A. Coulter & Adam J. Marquardt

Pricing co-created value: an integrative framework and research agenda
Stuart Read, Stefan Michel, Jan H. Schumann & Kumar Rakesh Ranjan

The contingent value of pay inequalities in sales organizations: integrating literatures in economics, management, and psychology
Maria Rouziou

Global new product development: moderating role of national culture on the link between buyer–seller interactions and innovation outcomes
K. Sivakumar & Subroto Roy

THE DATA HIERARCHY: factors influencing the adoption and implementation of data-driven decision making
Stefan Sleep, John Hulland & Richard A. Gooner

Spillover effects in marketing: integrating core research domains
Xenia Raufeisen, Linda Wulf, Sören Köcher, Ulya Faupel & Hartmut H. Holzmüller

Frontline knowledge networks in open collaboration models for service innovations
Ozlem Ozkok, Simon J. Bell, Jagdip Singh & Kwanghui Lim

A MAP for effective advertising: the metaphoric advertising processing model
Eliza K. Dehay & Jan R. Landwehr

Empowerment in marketing: synthesis, critical review, and agenda for future research
Hajer Bachouche & Ouidade Sabri

Firm authenticity: the construct, research propositions, and managerial implications
Saeed Tajdini & Edward Ramirez

The ultimate co-creation: leveraging customer input in business model innovation
Shinhye Kim, Melanie Bowen & Xiaohan (Hannah) Wen

The extended self, product valuation, and the endowment effect
Daniel Villanova

Building marketing capabilities: principles from the field
Bernard J. Jaworski & Robert S. Lurie


Researching marketing capabilities: reflections from academia
Neil A. Morgan